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Skiers on the Duesberg
Rick Armstrong skiing
Hiking for turns in Wyoming
Jim Surette skiing in Antarctica
Jason Anthony
Jason Anthony air
Jason Anthony skiing
Powder skiing Wyoming
The Australis
Antarctic Peninsula

Chris Davenport, Andrea Binning, and Stian Hagen just below the summit of the Duesberg Buttress, Antarctica. Photo: Doug Workman

Rick Armstrong swims in an ocean of powder, Jackson backcountry, Wyoming

Axel Naglech and Peter Ressmann on the Monte Rosa, Italy

Jackson Hole backcountry, Wyoming

Jim Surette skis toward the boat, Antartica. Photo: Doug Workman

Jason Anthony enters the right path, Wyoming

Jason Anthony catching more air, Jackson Hole backcountry, Wyoming

Jason Anthony catching some air, Jackson Hole backcountry, Wyoming

Stian Hagen, Andrea Binning, and Chris Davenport on the summit ridge of The Sphinx, Antarctic Peninsula. Photo: Doug Workman

Susanna Magruder finding the powder, Jackson Hole backcountry, Wyoming

Scott Simper films on board the Australis, the 76-foot sailboat we took from Tierra del Fuego to Antarctica, 2009. Photo: Chris Davenport

Jim Surette films on the deck of the Australian sailboat The Australis, Lemaire Channel, Antartica, 2009. Photo: Doug Workman

Jim Surette hiking the summit ridge on The Sphinx, Antarctic Peninsula, 2009. Photo by Doug Workman

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