Ice Revolution with Rick Wilcox

Joe Josephson recently asked us to shoot a short interview with Rick Wilcox for the Bozeman ice festival. Having grown up with Rick’s stories since high school, I realized this was a great opportunity for others to hear some of Rick’s classic tales of climbing with a few of our sports most influential characters.

Top, John Bouchard. Below, John Bragg. Photos: Rick Wilcox

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  1. Rick, it was a great pleasure to hear and see some of the greats, that means you too. I started climbing in 84 and I can appriciate the adventure on old gear. At the time it was the best. Thanks again

  2. I grew up in the valley hanging around the bottom of Cathedral Ledge watching people climb, driving through Crawford Notch fascinated by the idea of climbing ice. It wasnt till I moved to Montana that I got to be part of it all but its really cool to hear Rick talk about the early days, hes a legend in my eyes. Great job guys I really enjoyed this. I can’t wait to come home and climb

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